Sapphires in the Skin

Viviana Rivero


“The woman he had loved so dearly, who had disappeared from his life without a trace, was now standing in front of him with the news that they had had a child together.”   

Love, that supremely powerful emotion, is the main theme of the twelve stories that make up Sapphires in the Skin. Selfless, erotic, altruistic, fraternal, obsessive, passionate, self-destructive, fire-breathing: its different variations are embodied in the characters featured in these wonderful stories. 

Women determined to cross oceans and face down dangers to find happiness; Mothers devoted unconditionally to their children; Imaginative husbands looking to rekindle the flames of their marriage; Widows who discover a promising future amid the rubble of the past; Ladies of the house determined to rebel against the dictates of society; Idealistic young women ready to fight to the end for their beliefs... they all share a faith in love that, like a precious coin, is passed down from generation to generation to ensure that a new start is always just around the corner.    

This new book by Viviana Rivero is the first to be involved in the living book project, an innovative new experience in online writing organized by Emecé in conjunction with Google; a way of sharing the fascinating process of literary creation with readers.


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