The Colours of Happiness

Viviana Rivero

NOVEL. EMECÉ, 2015. 483 PAGES.

What’s the price of happiness? In a country in turmoil, a man and a woman are willing to do anything to achieve it.

Young Argentine photographer Brisa Giulli travels to Cuba as part of the entourage accompanying Juan Manuel Fangio, the five times Formula 1 champion, during the Havana Grand Prix. Joel Fernandez, a versatile artist and son of a powerful tobacco tycoon, works secretly in support of the forthcoming revolution. When Brisa and Joel meet on a warm night in February 1958, they know that nothing will be the same for them. Crossed by the dramatic political events, they will live an intense love, excessive and passionate. But in the heat of the changes happening around them, they find themselves trapped in a series of extreme situations that force them to take terrible decisions.

Love, suspense and a string of events that changed the world - the Cuban revolution, Fangio’s kidnapping in Havana, the Salon de Mai - drive the plot of this new novel by Viviana Rivero.

Los colores de la felicidad (“The Colours of Happiness”) is a compelling story, marked by the search for a perfect ideal - freedom - and a message learned through blood and tears: happiness is closer than we think; it's just a matter of fighting for it.


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