Minor Intentions

Jorge Consiglio


Stranded in the interior of Argentina, where he is trying to sell a lot of family land, the protagonist of Minor Intentions tells his life story to someone he's just met in a bar. As much as one would like to find a sense of order within it, that life has been beset by the random vagaries of fate. If it were a beach, the protagonist would be standing on the waterline, confronting the waves crashing around him, at times managing to stay upright and others knocked off his feet. To him, existence is something that disintegrates progressively.

Orphaned at a young age, he lived in the family home with his mentally challenged brother, with every day becoming a struggle to survive for them both. One day, he makes a mistake that results in a fatal accident as well as causing a personal epiphany. After this, his life grew more difficult. His nephew tries to scam him, claiming ownership of half the house as his inheritance. His brother needs to be put in a home. Then love makes an appearance in the form of an unhinged woman whose demands he finds confusing, turning him into a violent man on the brink of a definitive collapse. He finds salvation in a journey and a complicated business deal that offer hope of being able to reinvent himself once more.


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