How much is a Refrigerator? and other Plays

Claudia Piñeiro


This book brings together six plays written by Claudia Piñeiro; three comedies and three dramas. Half a dozen stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations that end in either laughter or horror.
A woman files a complaint with the electricity company demanding a new refrigerator after a power fluctuation broke her old one but because her name contains an ‘ñ' the company's system doesn't recognize her as the bill payer; the children of a woman with Parkinson's disease squabble over who should take care of her; a man is murdered a few days before his wedding and at his wake a slew of hidden truths come out; a mother and daughter talk about the Armenian genocide while the Argentine genocide rages outside; a young man returns to his home town to reconnect with his roots; after a robbery at a notary's office, the notary and her secretary are tied together and forced into a lengthy, uncomfortable conversation.
Piñeiro's talent for conjuring authentic everyday scenes and ear for sharp dialogue are accompanied here by subtle notes for the actors and staging: a glance, a spotlight, or a song that gets right to the heart of the story. This is a hugely entertaining collection that reaffirms Claudia Piñeiro as a master of every genre.


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