Writing a Silence

Claudia Piñeiro


«I suspect that what I write is born of silence. That is how it has been since I was a child: from silence to writing. From resistance to speech and the pleasure of constructing a text».
Admired by thousands of readers across the world, Claudia Piñeiro is, in addition to being a prolific, award-winning fiction writer (including novels, stories, film and TV scripts and plays), a savvy observer of reality. For the first time, this book gathers together numerous texts published over the years in different media: personal and autobiographical reflections on childhood, family, friends, teachers, maternity, her writing, the writers who influenced her, the pandemic and her travels to literary festivals, as well as more overtly political texts such as her celebrated speech to Congress in defence of a woman's right to choose and her speeches at the openings of book fairs in Buenos Aires and Rosario.
Writing a Silence offers us a new, more intimate perspective on one of Argentina's most beloved writers, a leading feminist figure and campaigner for the rights of writers and the importance of disobedience as an ethical stance. This is a unique, generous book from an iconic author.


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