A Little Luck

Claudia Piñeiro


A woman returns to Argentina twenty years after leaving in disgrace. But she is returning as a different person: she doesn’t look the same and her voice is different. She doesn’t even have the same name. Will the people who knew her then recognize her? Will he recognize her?

Mary Lohan, Marilé Lauría or María Elena Pujol – the woman she is, the woman she was and the woman she used to be, returns to the Buenos Aires suburb where she lived and built a family until she decided to flee.

She still doesn’t understand why she agreed to relive the past when she had decided to leave forever. But the more she learns as she meets unexpected people and hears surprising revelations the more she begins to realize that life is governed by neither fate nor chance: maybe her return is just a little stroke of luck.

Claudio Piñeiro returns with a surprising, captivating and moving novel in which reality and intimate encounters weave a dense web to entrap her readers once more. 

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