Highly Dangerous Love

Walter Riso


We err far too often when it comes to selecting a partner.  We put too much faith in love and its supposed virtues, and for that reason we very often do not realize who our potential partner truly is, nor how realistic is the possibility of having a successful relationship with that person.      

Unhealthy love, as I have pointed out in other books, is a public health concern.  People suffer too much because of love, and one of the reasons is an incapacity to determine when somebody is good for them, when somebody is good for their life, and when they are not.  Identifying in time, and on sufficient grounds, if the person we are falling in love with is good for us or not, if he or she is compatible with our principles and goals, is an essential skill for approaching romantic life with any hope of success.       

This book takes up what is known in psychology as personality disorders or characteristic features of personality disorders (theatricality, narcissism, sociopathic behavior, passive-aggressiveness, evasiveness, paranoia, schizoid personality, obsessive-compulsiveness, and neediness) and relates them to romantic love.  It explains in a simple way the manner of loving of each disorder, why they are dangerous, and how to recognize them and avoid becoming involved with someone who suffers from them before it is too late and Eros plays a dirty trick on us.  In the majority of these cases, easy solutions and short-term therapies are rare, if they exist at all, and for that reason the best alternative is to distance oneself from an unhealthy situation as quickly as possible.  If you find yourself attracted to a person with these characteristics, you would do well to think twice.         

Each of these dysfunctional emotional types is explained and meticulously detailed from the point of view of cognitive therapy. The book offers clear and straightforward examples, translating technical terminology into easy-to-understand language.          


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