What Every Woman Should Know about Men

Walter Riso


Can men love? And do they know how to? What are the psychological weaknesses of men? What effect do they have on men’s sex lives? What do men think of women? Why do men find it so difficult to express positive sentiments and communicate their inner minds? Why are they so afraid of failure and emotional solitude? Does masculine fidelity exist? Is ‘maternal paternity’ possible? Is a new form of masculinity brewing?

These are some of the questions this book answers, using modern psychology and other related sciences, exposing men educated in traditional patriarchal culture, presenting the intimacies of an interior emotional world little known by both men and women, and suggesting a new way of experiencing love and sexuality that is more dignified and human, without infringing on women’s rights. In other words Walter Riso proposes peaceful, unselfish masculine emotional liberation that can improve emotional relationships with women, children and other men.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish PLANETA | Brazil L&PM | Mexico OCÉANO | Romania ALLFA

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