I loved you so much, I forgot about me

Walter Riso



Walter Riso, an author who has transformed countless lives with his books, urges us to reassess our emotional lives and think hard about whether we’re really in love with the right person.  

The latest book from Walter Riso, one of the most renowned psychologists in Spain and Latin America.  

Walter Riso, an expert in love and relationships, provides us with a new guide to help us determine whether we’re in love with the right person.

Have you ever felt that that you’ve given so much of your love that you forgot about yourself altogether; your hopes and dreams, your vocation , your values and deepest feelings? Do you feel as though you’ve been through a profound metamorphosis? Then this book is for you.

In his many years as a therapist, Walter Riso has often noted how regularly in our relationships we seem to get used to giving too much of ourselves and getting little or nothing in return from the person we love. And we just get used to it, as though it were a natural state of affairs. We resign ourselves to unbalanced relationships in the belief that true love doesn’t expect anything in exchange, as though it were all down to just one person.

Walter Riso doesn’t believe that’s right. Healthy love flows both ways, it comes and goes, you must feel and acknowledge the affection of your partner and vice versa.  

This book will take you along a range of different paths to help you reassess your emotional style, try to balance out your relationship and analyze whether you’re with the right person. It’s possible that it might undermine your love and change your feelings for good. In any case, you’ll learn that healthy, functional love depends on one important principle: you must love yourself before you can love someone else. 



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