Wonderfully Imperfect, Scandalously Happy

Walter Riso


Many people are the victims of what Walter Riso called irrational perfectionist mandates or ‘successful anti-values'. These mandates seek to place us in the ‘top rank of men and women' i.e.: to excel in a given field regardless of the emotional cost. Prevalent precepts and communications become a form of self-criticism or a search for exhausting and irrational ‘psychological perfection'. Useless suffering that settles deep in our minds with the full blessing of a culture obsessed with ‘winners' and ‘game changers'.

The objective of the present book is to rebel against those mandates and promote unconditional self-acceptance with no excuses. Its motto - which may well drive lovers of excellence mad - is categorical: you can be scandalously happy with your wonderful imperfection.

Personal growth does not depend on being ‘the best' but fully enjoying whatever you do.

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