Men and Gears

Ernesto Sabato


Modern times and human strictures are the two philosophical themes explored by Ernesto Sabato in this essential text.
Ernesto Sabato analyzes the crisis that has beset modern culture, trying to determine the causes of the existential nihilism to which humanity has succumbed, under the spell of rapid progress, depersonalization and a lack of solidarity. Challenged by different factions of every political bent upon its publication in 1951, today it can be read with the perspective of time and properly appreciated as the masterpiece that it is. The text bravely states that scientific and technological advances have transformed man into a mere cog in a greater machine of production and consumption. Our keen focus on economic issues to the detriment of everything else, increasing idolatry of technology and the exploitation of man will inevitably lead to mass generalization, emotional decay, globalized intolerance, the loss of identity and cultural chaos. The antidote to an increasingly anonymous society is to value art and literature and remember our old values and feelings.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish SEIX BARRAL | Arabic JADAL | Kosovo PUBLISHING HOUSE ‘OM' | France RN Editions

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