• The Criollo Circus


    Lucas Nine

    This book is an illustrated catalogue of the characters one might find in the Criollo Circus. Lucas Nine uses washes in coloured and India ink to produce a watercolour-like effect in images...

  • Almost Budapest

    GRAFIC NOVEL, 2019

    Lucas Nine

    Nine takes us to Budapest some time in the early decades of the 20th century. But this is a Budapest that has less to do with the actual city than the literary ghosts that haunt it. Gypsy violins,...

  • Borges the Fowl Inspector

    GRAFIC NOVEL, 2017

    Lucas Nine

    In a famous real life episode, Jorge Luis Borges resigned from his post at a municipal library after being designated ‘Inspector of Fowl and Rabbits'. Nine's story Borges, Fowl Inspector,...

  • Walnut Tea

    GRAFIC NOVEL, 2015

    Lucas Nine

    Timoteo is a gloomy looking infant. His status as a special agent of the Ministry of Childhood Affairs gives him a license to kill and makes him the object of much unwanted attention. But he's...

  • Sleepless Summer Nights


    Martín Kohan

    The atmosphere of the stories featured in this collection is defined by a single phenomenon: the summer heat, which bears down oppressively on the villages and small towns where they're set,...

  • Singing to Survive

    NOVEL, 2021

    Sergio Álvarez

    A journalist suffering through a personal and professional crisis is sent to gather stories of reconciliation after the peace treaty signed in 2016 with the FARC guerrilla group. On his travels...

  • Colombian Psycho

    NOVEL, 2021

    Santiago Gamboa

    « The word that best defines this violent, bereft republic is orphanhood. And what each of us truly is, deep down, is what we all want to conceal. » Following the shocking discovery...

  • The Tallest Men

    NOVEL, 2021

    Fabián Martínez Siccardi

    «In a word? I'd describe it as a force. A malign force? It's not malign, Father, although it is capable of evil. An evil that depends upon the person wielding it, like the razor that shaves...

  • Burning Boy The Life and Work of Stephen Crane

    NARRATIVE, 2021

    Paul Auster

    Booker Prize-shortlisted and New York Times bestselling author Paul Auster's comprehensive, landmark biography of the great American writer Stephen Crane. With Burning Boy, celebrated...

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