Voices of time

Eduardo Galeano


This book offers a multitude of small stories that together tell a single story. The themes, diverse, build a plot capable of evoking the most pleasant aspects of human life, such as the links between man and nature, expressed through eclipses, rains, tides, trees, animals, living presences that have a lot to say when they are listened to.

But it also evokes the most dramatic aspects, such as wars (from the Roman Empire to Iraq), disinformation in a world that claims to be hypercommunicated, the painful tradition of burning entire libraries, the peasant struggles to preserve the environment from the rapacity of agrochemical companies, strikes and workers' demands, the persistence of child labor.

Its protagonists appear and vanish to continue living, story after story, in other characters that give continuity. Woven by the threads of time, the protagonists of these stories are time that speaks. They are mouths of time.


Published bty: Spanish SIGLO XXI| Arabic DAR ALMADA | Brazil L&PM | Korea HUMANITAS | French LUX  | German PETER HAMMER VERLAG | Italy SPERLING & KUPFER | Türkiye SEL YAYINCILIK

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