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Eduardo Galeano


«End of History? For us, it is nothing new. Already five centuries ago, Europe decreed that the memory and dignity of America were crimes. The new owners of these lands forbade to remember history, and forbade to make it. Since then, we can only accept it».

By its very nature, this anthology of articles and essays published between 1989 and 1992 covers a wide range of topics: literary creation, the Cuban Revolution, the despised native cultures of the Americas, the Cuban revolution, the shipwreck of the so-called «real socialism», the nonsense called «end of history», the dictionary of the globalized world, the bad habit of impunity, the right to joy, soccer, and a reflection on the way of life they try to impose at all costs as the only model, which forces us to imitate and forbids us to create.


Published por: Spanish SIGLO XXI  | Brazil L&PM

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