Guatemala. General Essay on Political Violence in Latin America

Eduardo Galeano


In 1967, a very young Eduardo Galeano undertook a trip that would mark his career as a journalist and his political sensitivity forever: he spent several months in Guatemala with the aim of interviewing the leaders of the two guerrilla groups - the FAR and the MR 13 - that had been challenging the political-military elite in power since 1954, when the overthrow of President Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán had unequivocally and brutally revealed U.S. interventionism in Latin America.

This book, published more than fifty years ago, is the story of that experience, a fascinating journalistic chronicle that anticipates the style that would later consecrate Galeano, and at the same time a rigorous international political analysis that, as a whole, underline the author's central idea: Guatemala was in those Cold War years the laboratory of barbarism and violence that in the seventies would spread throughout the continent.

This edition - enriched with texts by specialists who recount that political context and its place in Galeano's work - allows us to accompany the author as he shares the living conditions and risks of the guerrillas and thus return to a time when it was possible to think of revolution as a way out. Meanwhile, the contemporary reader can find in that time echoes of the turbulence and political instability that today are determined to return to our region.


Published by: Spanish SIGLO XXI | German PETER HAMMER VERLAG

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