The Song of Us

Eduardo Galeano


The Song of Us is a novel of exile: the author evokes his forbidden land and recreates it through the adventures that intersect in its pages, on the background of the military dictatorship, in the time of horrors and challenges.

Eduardo Galeano's books are unclassifiable, because they violate the boundaries that divide literary genres. This work, however, can be defined as a novel. This was the understanding of the jury of the Casa de las Américas contest, which in 1975 awarded it that prize, shared with Mascaró, el cazador americano, by Haroldo Conti.


«A very good novel, which reads quickly and leaves a good piece of thorn stuck between vein and vein.»
Poli Délano, Cambio


«This voice, lucid and warm, is one of the last landmarks before the desert of barbarism and horror.»
Claude Fell, Le Monde


«Hallucinating testimony on the tragedy of our time: shocking presence of the real in the mythical world of the imaginary, in the imperishable ambit of a canto de gesta.»
Augusto Roa Bastos, Crisis


«Remains of the shipwreck that Galeano transforms into an artistic totality, metaphor of a world in a trance of destruction and, above all, consciousness of language, creative search from the fragments of memory and desire.»
Hugo J. Verani, Revista de Crítica Literaria


Published by: Spanish SIGLO XXI | Arabic DAR AL HIWAR | French ALBIN MICHEL

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