Pablo De Santis


Volcanic ash has covered Bosque Blanco, a tourist town in Patagonia, for the past year. Flights to the area have been cancelled; hotels and restaurants are empty, and a large part of the population has had to leave. When a man is found murdered at the foot of a bronze deer, the townspeople realize that something even worse than ash from the volcano is lurking.

The narrator is Commissioner Conrado Nebra, sent to Bosque Blanco from the provincial capital. He has been charged with finding the murderer before Gabriel Valeri, a deputy commissioner considered a hero in the past, but who is about to be expelled from the police force, solves the case. A pressed poppy, found in the corpse's pocket, makes the two investigators (and adversaries) think that this is not just any murder: the crime is part of a bloody message that must be continued.

Pablo De Santis surprises once again with his unequaled grace to unfold plots full of peripeteia, whose characters unravel their singular charm in intelligent reflections and sharp dialogues. The Ride of the Valkyries confirms him as one of the great Spanish-American writers.


«The Ride of the Valkyries is a remarkable contribution to De Santis' voluminous and rich oeuvre, consolidating him as a master of the detective genre in Spanish-American literature. His ability to combine a gripping enigma with a deep introspection of his characters, all framed in an evocative landscape, makes this novel a must-read for lovers of mystery and good literature.»
Carlos Aletto, Página 12


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