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Juan Sasturain lives and works in Buenos Aires. He is a writer, journalist, comic book writer and host of television programs on books and authors. He was a literary professor before the military dictatorship of 1976. He has written for several different publications for over forty years and is currently an editorial writer at Página 12. He is also the director of the second stage of Fierro magazine, which is dedicated to comics. In January 2020, he was named director of the National Library of Argentina.

He wrote the scripts for the legendary Alberto Breccia’s drawings in the four volumes of the Perramus saga, a work of great prestige and popularity in the world of European graphic novels. It was translated into several different languages and won the Amnesty International award for the Francophone regions in 1988. Since the mid-eighties, he has published a dozen novels, four collections of short stories and several essays on the world of football, comics and graphic humour. In recent years his television programs have won several awards from the public and the critics.

Both the series of crime novels featuring detective Etchenike (published in France by Gallimard in their Serie Noir) and the tales of adventure and novels for younger readers demonstrate a mastery of plot, action, use of popular language and the literary awareness needed to handle genres appropriately, in addition to his characteristic humour and irony.


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By Juan Sasturain

  • Versions

    FICTION, 2022

    Versions is a collection of adaptations of stories by great Latin American writers produced between 1985 and 1986 by Juan Sasturain, Carlos Trillo (The Headless Chicken) and Alberto Breccia. In...

  • Pirse the Improbable

    NARRATIVE. 2021

    Juan Sasturain worked on the manuscript for El último Hammett (The Last Hammet, winner of the Dashiell Hammett Award for the Crime Novel in 2019) for thirty years, gathering information...

  • The last Hammett

    NARRATIVE, 2018

    'There's always that mixture of theft, envy and homage' said Dash. It's 1953 and the veteran Dashiell Hammett, on the run from the IRS and the FBI, needs to write a new novel. It won't be easy:...

  • Collected Stories

    NARRATIVE. 2017

    The sixty-six works that make up this comprehensive collection of stories were written over forty years for several different publications. Most of them are taken from the collections La mujer...

  • Old Man Breccia

    BIOGRAPHY, 2013

    “It’s not for me to explain who Alberto Breccia was and why it’s worth knowing what he did and what he thought about life. He touched me and I like writing about him, offering my...

  • Suspicious Noriega

    NOVEL, 2013

    Suspicious Noriega is a vast, subtle but exhilarating novel featuring an array of fascinating characters – the enigmatic Selva, the ominous Carabela and many more – who enter and exit...

  • Picado Grueso

    NARRATIVE, 2012

    Like language, proper control of a football is – even with good hands and feet – a creative challenge. In this collection of football stories, re-published and extended (with the...

  • El aventurador

    NON FICTION, 2010

  • The Sweat-Stained Fatherland

    NON FICTION, 2010

    It is a well-known sports cliché that the shirt should be honoured, defended and, especially, sweated into. Sweat on a shirt is – in football – what blood is to a flag in...

  • The Yotivenko Case

    NARRATIVE, 2009

    For this set of stories, Juan Sasturain has summoned up all his storytelling nous. There are few people as talented as the author of A Loser’s Manual at concealing a gambit and...

  • I’d Pay Not To See You

    NOVEL NOIR, 2008

    I’d Pay Not to See You takes the link between fiction and reality in Juan Sasturain’s work to new extremes. It is the third book to feature Etchenike as a character. An old, tired...

  • Galochas

    NARRATIVE, 2007

    The High Chief of the Galocha, Juan Sasturain, and Liniers, the official artist of this exuberant tribe, offer up these wonderful tales to readers of all ages. “Here, finally, are the...

  • The Struggle Goes On

    NOVEL, 2002

    Pedro Pirovano’s day started out badly – saving a penalty taken by the President – and got worse from there. Congressman Rugilio wants to make the Day of the Goalkeeper...

  • Brooklyn & and a Half

    NOVEL, 2002

    A novel for young people in the author’s characteristic style. A crime novel filled with absurdity, humour and adventure. “I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think...

  • The Woman Showers

    NOVEL, 2001

    This collection of stories takes us on an exploration of crime literature, apocryphal legends, urban realism and mythical geography. Juan Sasturain presents us with a series of inexorably...

  • The Meanings of Water

    NOVEL, 1992

    Spencer Roselló and The Jewel, two characters the reader won’t forget in a hurry, are part of the great tradition of Rioplatense picaresque: he’s a Uruguyan with a propensity...

  • Walt Disney’s Fingers

    NOVEL, 1991

    It all begins on Friday the 13 th when Nacho and Quico leave school devastated: the implacable Miss Virginia Luján has failed them in the final exam in Ancient and Medieval History. But...

  • Similarity Inc.

    NOVEL, 1990

    In his masterful style, Juan Sasturain drops us off at an airport in a city where the protagonist of this novel finds himself caught up a series of extraordinary events. “I’ll tell...

  • Sand in Your Shoes

    NOVEL NOIR, 1988

    Sand in Your Shoes is an incredible novel in which Etchenique discovers the benefits of chaos, or disorder at least. On this occasion, the veteran leaves the big city and withdraws to the...

  • Perramus. Tooth by Tooth


    Written and drawn throughout 1988 and 1989, Tooth by Tooth – the fourth and final instalment in the saga – is undoubtedly the most gratuitously adventure-filled of the Perramus...

  • Perramus. Pilot of Oblivion and the Soul of the City


    “Beset by fear and the intolerable weight of cowardice, a man will plead for oblivion and it will be granted him. When he wakes up, naked in a love nest he doesn’t recognize, next...

  • A Loser’s Manual

    NOVEL NOIR, 1985

    Only Sasturain can tell a story about the dictatorship in a voice that’s not explicit but is nonetheless completely honest. Realism requires hard-headed objectivity, but it can be...

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