Pirse the Improbable

Juan Sasturain


Juan Sasturain worked on the manuscript for El último Hammett (The Last Hammet, winner of the Dashiell Hammett Award for the Crime Novel in 2019) for thirty years, gathering information about the writer's life, work and especially his final text, Tulip.
A fervent proponent of crime literature, Sasturain had produced a book that was both a homage and a declaration of literary principles. However, an important detail was missing: an explanation of how the author recovered the first version of the book, which he lost in the City of Rosario in the 80s. In this book, the character of Roberto el Bobo Pirse flickers in and out of existence in tandem with the turbulent events that shook the country at the time.
By now, we're used to Sasturain's taste for the mythology of literature, his propensity to produce texts that are half-fiction and half... well, that have at least a little truth to them. This is a brief, exciting novel about an investigation in which the suspect isn't a criminal but a manuscript.


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