Old Man Breccia

Juan Sasturain


“It’s not for me to explain who Alberto Breccia was and why it’s worth knowing what he did and what he thought about life. He touched me and I like writing about him, offering my opinions of him, but only in concert with people who are far more capable of describing him than me: Old Man Breccia wasn’t just one of the most important comic book writers in the world. He was a genius, someone who broke the mould. But also, or especially, he was a complete person who was incredibly solitary and also definitively dependable, honest, gentle and brusque, lovable and difficult, a unique character. Utterly unforgettable. To sum him up, if that’s possible, Breccia is the kind of person who, when he leaves the circles in which he moves – the world, reality – he leaves them changed. For the better. In this case, the Old Man’s work, particularly that from the early sixties until his death thirty years later, revolutionized the expressive media and the very meaning of the comic as a medium, as a narrative instrument. He did (dared to do) things that no-one had done before. And he did them incredibly well.” Juan Sasturain

Old Man Breccia looks back at the life of the Maestro Alberto Breccia: his childhood, the beginnings of his drawing career, his influences, his work with the major magazines, collections and publishers, his most memorable characters, his relationship with other draughtsmen, partnerships with great scriptwriters, his European experience, his interests and passions, and his everyday life. The book ends with a detailed, decade by decade bibliography.


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