The Meanings of Water

Juan Sasturain


Spencer Roselló and The Jewel, two characters the reader won’t forget in a hurry, are part of the great tradition of Rioplatense picaresque: he’s a Uruguyan with a propensity for gambling who can fall apart at the drop of a hat and she’s a dancer, a flamenco singer, and a tenacious women with expert legs... especially when it comes to the speed they move when she and her partner are running away from something.

The title of The Meanings of Water expresses an ambition that lives and dies with natural indifference while the quote from Felizberto Hernández expands and fills it with echoes: “I will forever have the sensation that water brings with it something that it has gathered on the other side, somehow conveying to me thoughts that aren’t my own and yet meant for me.” This book evokes an almost extinct form of literature, the best kind of all: funny to the point of delirium, rich in allusions and very worthy of our gratitude.


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