The Yotivenko Case

Juan Sasturain


For this set of stories, Juan Sasturain has summoned up all his storytelling nous. There are few people as talented as the author of A Loser’s Manual at concealing a gambit and revealing it at just the right time, or turning a blind eye to things until circumstances demand a swift intervention.

With his characteristic narrative pace, Juan Sasturain presents characters and situations without making the reader wade through a series of unimportant facts. The plots are concise and direct, but hardly lacking in complexity, and are conveyed with the writer’s customary lingual precision. The characters are heroes in their own way, but beforehand they demonstrate – in a mysterious, subtle manner that only Sasturain could pull off – how difficult and random life can be, how we are beholden to a series of hazards and victories that, at the crucial point when irony and humour have deserted us, definitively change our fate. 


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