The Struggle Goes On

Juan Sasturain


Pedro Pirovano’s day started out badly – saving a penalty taken by the President – and got worse from there.

Congressman Rugilio wants to make the Day of the Goalkeeper an official holiday with his support, the contract from Germany has been delayed, his ex-wife demands that he forbid his teenage daughter from getting a tattoo, while his young lover comes and goes as she pleases. To top it all off two characters burst into his office. The Wardrobe and The Troglodyte, worthy representatives of an endangered office: Professional Wrestling. They’re not looking for the legendary Etchenike, who was a neighbour of Pirovano’s in the not so recent past. Reality plays out differently. Actually, it cuts everything down, making it all the more dangerous: the tattoo dragon on his daughter’s arm is transformed into a threatening fax; on his morning walk along the river, Pirovano finds a sack that can only be holding a dead body. And when everything seems to hit a dead end, the antihero named after an apostle and a hospital passes away.   

A dome on Avenida de Mayo provides the setting for one of the most vivid events in Argentinian fantasy and science fiction literature and comics: the meeting between The Subjunctive and The Catcher. Thumping prose and biting irony make for a pleasurable tour of North American noire literature and much more. 


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