Collected Stories

Juan Sasturain


The sixty-six works that make up this comprehensive collection of stories were written over forty years for several different publications. Most of them are taken from the collections La mujer ducha (The Female Shower), El caso Yotivenko (The Yotivenko Case) and Los galochas (The Galocha); but some have also been taken from Picado grueso (Coarsely Diced) and Pretextos. Others are definitive versions of stories that were included in the novels Dudoso Noriega (Doubtful Noriega)and the forthcoming volume El último Hammett (The Last Hammet), while some have never been published before.


"Sasturain reimagines our language, alternating high and low poetics, erudite references and ordinary conversation. His prose reads as though he were talking to you. But underneath that rough, plainspoken style, there's a lot of the library mixed in with the street."

"Exaggerated, absent-minded, unforgettable, contagious, honest, flexible and willing to hear other people's opinions, extremely reasonable, ‘soluble' in milk or coffee, creative and spontaneous and always ready to find the best way to live fairly and harmoniously, the Galocha (a people indigenous to the source of the Orinoco River) have become extraordinary characters in the hands of the indefatigable Juan Sasturain."

"Sasturain's expertise at combining real information with utter falsehoods is remarkable. This technique does not just guarantee a playful measure of realism in even his most improbable fictions, it also introduces an entertaining extra-literary game: trying to work out what's real and what has been made up with painstaking care."


Other titles from Juan Sasturain:

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